Grant Proposals

General Approach

cleanroom researcherThe objective of writing a proposal is to obtain funding.  Easy to say, but in the competitive environment of today’s grant market, this is a difficult task.  With over $1.5 Billion across 8500 successful grants, The Pivotal Point Group knows how write a proposal that will obtain funding.  The truth is that many more proposal applications fail than are successful.   Even if they fail, good proposals produce positive feedback within the reviewing community and the supporting program.  This increases the chances for future success.  Good proposals satisfy the programmatic needs of all parties and are more carefully crafted and polished than good research articles.

Agencies do not act, nor do they evaluate proposals. Only people do both as people have goals, motivations, needs and desires. The most important person is the program manager.  Ultimately, the program manager decides program goals and priorities, selects reviewers, and assigns proposals to reviewers.    If the grant proposal addresses those factors well, it has a much better chance to be funded. That is especially true for proposals in the gray area between "must fund" and "no chance".  The proposal cannot address the factors if the grant writer does not know them.

Process outline for proposal writing

  • Read the announcement
  • Identify your audience(s)
  • Do your homework
  • Help the reviewer
  • Preliminary review
  • Tactics
  • Follow-up:  If you are funded (the exception), When you fail (the rule)

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