New Indications

This is where the process starts.  Academia and grant-based research organizations have seen an explosion of activity in this phase of the drug discovery process over the last twenty years.  The people identified herein have extensive contacts with many and varied medical research institutions.  Collectively, these institutions have a broad range of research, from avian flu to plague and HIV. These academic research programs address topics of interest to individual research workers.  In the selection of topics, market information and forces are very much secondary considerations.  This ‘research topic selection process’ is unlike the pharma industry where those forces dominate decision-making.  Universities DO respond to some market forces but of a different nature (e.g., competition for eminent scholars and major projects that bring prestige and increased grant income). University decisions so driven, inevitably result indirectly in the structure of any institution’s research efforts (a flow-through effect due to the interests of the researchers employed).

Specific services required in this phase:

  • Assessment of research programs
  • Grant Proposal, writing and review
  • Search for eminent scholars
  • Master planning for regulatory compliance

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